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Welcome to Powers Winery, LLP
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Nestled in the Laughery Creek Valley in Ohio County, Indiana...

The Powers’ Winery is a family hobby turned business. Pat and Connie Powers and their six children decided to share their enjoyment of creating tasty wines with the public on their small country farm. Come in and taste several styles of wine and take a few bottles home to enjoy later.

The winery includes a warm and cozy tasting room where customers can come to relax and taste the large selection wines. A quaint gift shop where you can design your own gift basket to bring to friends and family. And we carry all the necessary equipment and ingredients need to help others start a hobby in winemaking.

Powers’ Winery also provides the service of making the wine of your choice for any special occasion. To make it even more special they will help you create a label to commemorate the event. Come and enjoy a wonderful wine experience.

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